How do I replace the batteries in Tabs devices?




  • oceanview

    The original battery last (just) 4 months in the Healthy Sensor. Had to swap one from an unused new Door Sensor and will see how long it will last. (this "new" Battery shows a Battery-Level of 66%.)
    Battery-Level in the Motion Sensor, which is in use also for 4 months is still up to 86% 

    However I see, that the Healthy Sensor has much more activity (approx every few minutes) than the motion sensor, which could be the reason why the battery is empty already. (Do you have any information, how long a battery in the Healthy Sensor normally should last?)

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  • Tom

    The battery life for the initial version of the Healthy Home sensor is indeed significantly shorter than for the other Tabs sensors. This is due to the power consumption of the VOC sensor hardware, which is higher than  we had expected. The new version of the sensor will use different hardware and reach the one year or more battery life as the other Tabs sensors.

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